Tips for New Neighbors

A Public Service Message from the City of Burlington Code Enforcement Office




v     Introduce yourself to neighbors. Neighbors who know each other can watch out for each other and keep the neighborhood safe. Smile and say “hi” once in a while.

v     Keep your turf clean. Garbage neatly covered, no vehicles on lawn or blocking sidewalk, no broken furniture on porches, no bottles or cups on lawns, no cigarette butts, etc.

v      Keep it low profile: Minimize gatherings on front porches and yards after 10:00 pm. No open alcoholic containers off private property. Limit the number of people at gatherings and ask for police help if a party is crashed or is getting out of control (658-2700; for emergencies dial 911).

v     Loud sounds and noise should not be heard beyond the property line; the City noise ordinance applies 24 hours a day. People outdoors or arriving or leaving should stay quiet during late hours. Fire works are illegal and a fire hazard.

v     Dog owners: scoop the poop!

v     Please drive carefully through the neighborhood and watch out for children, pets, walkers and cyclists.

v      Use common sense: keep windows, doors and vehicles locked when unattended and keep grills and barbecues off porches and 10 feet from buildings


Something strange in the neighborhood? Here are some handy numbers:

Police/Fire Emergency: 911

Burlington Police: 658-2704 non-emergency

 Vermont Tenants Inc.: 864-0099 for rights of renters

Burlington Community Support Program: 658-2704 ext 338 for help with neighbor  relations or disputes

Burlington Code Enforcement Office: 863-0442 for housing safety


Thanks For Keeping the Neighborhood a Great Place to Live !