If you are having problems with behavior at your property, the following is a list of positive actions that property owners and landlords may take as they participate in abating nuisances at their properties:


1.      Send a warning letter to occupants with your concerns, with clear guidelines of what you expect.


2.      Organize a meeting with occupants to clarify expectations for property use and rendering a written agreement or guidelines from that meeting.


3.      Call parents if minors under 21 are involved, to notify and request support.


4.      Call academic institutions if students are involved, to notify and request support. from administration, faculty, sports coaches, or fraternal society liaisons.


5.      Monitor the property at regular intervals at critical times such as Saturday nights, for a specified period of time.


6.      Contact neighbors to establish channels of communication by telephone numbers, email, etc.


7.      Participate in a local neighborhood association.


8.      Improve or change screening protocols for how occupants are selected.


9.      Use rental agreement provisions that make clear tenant responsibilities for use of premises including responsibility for litter control, trash container use, noise, parking, and municipal penalties and fees for conditions attributable to occupant use. Some landlords prohibit use of front porches and steps for gatherings after 10 pm, and also prohibit couches and clutter on porches.


10.  Hire a security guard service to check property during targeted times such as weekend nights.


11.  Engage a qualified property manager to manage the premises; a professional manager can often increase profitability and reduce problems associated with rental residences.


12.  Render a notice of termination of the lease or rental agreement, with qualified legal advice.


13.  File an ejectment action, such as eviction, with qualified legal advice.


14.  Call Brooke Hadwen, Community Support, at (802) 658-2704, extension 338, for further assistance.


15.  Please phone our office at 863-0442 if you have questions or need assistanceŚwe are here to help.   We appreciate your cooperation.


The programs and services of the City of Burlington are accessible to people with disabilities. For accessibility information, call 865-7121 (for TTY users 863-4050).